EU LGBT Survey 2013

The European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights has announced the results of an EU-wide LGBT survey that was conducted online in the 27 EU Member States and Croatia between April and July 2012.

The survey collected information from 93,079 persons  aged 18 years or over who identified as lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender, and who lived in the EU or Croatia, about their experiences of discrimination, violence and harassment and other key issues.

Below is a heat map of the results of one of the survey questions.

Q: In your opinion, how widespread are assaults and harassment against lesbian, gay, bisexual and/or transgender people in the country where you live?


The countries with the highest response rate are Croatia, Bulgaria, Romania.

The countries with the lowest response rate are Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland.

Source: European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights, LGBT Survey Data Explorer

The survey clearly shows that there are widespread discrimination, harassment and violence based on sexual orientation and gender identity in the EU. Of course there are country variations, with the newest member-states Bulgaria, Romania and soon to be member Croatia faring worst. These countries have deep-seated problems in all areas of law and justice so it is not surprising that the rights of LGBT people are not respected or protected. Another aggravating factor is local culture which has traditionally been very inimical to expressions of difference (not only in terms of sexuality/gender). It will be a long and hard battle, both on the part of EU institutions and in local LGBT communities, to challenge stereotypes, change policies and secure equal rights.


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