#ДАНСwithme or What’s happening in Bulgaria?

Everyone knows what’s going on in Turkey and Brazil by now but what is happening in the small Balkan country of Bulgaria?

“At first glance, beautiful Bulgaria has a lot of democracy going on — laws, elections, a parliament, a president, markets, EU membership, free will, the works, we have it. Look from the outside, and it’s clearly there. The inside of this strange hologram, though, feels very different, especially if you’re a Bulgarian.” by Georgi Marinov

Read the full article here: http://medium.com/better-humans/d289c6e1392

And a week on, Seven reasons why Bulgarians keep protesting

Euronews article: Will you #ДАНСwithme? How Bulgarian protesters are using social media

For photos and news about the protests in Bulgaria search Facebook and Twitter with the hashtag #ДАНСwithme

Bulgaria protests #ДАНСwithme
Photo: Sergei Antonov, OffNews


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