Philosophy and Resistance: Greece and the Future of Europe

“The new world order announced in 1989 was the shortest in history. From the Arab spring, to Puerta del Sol, Syntagma Square and Occupy, protests and uprisings have erupted all over the world. History has started moving again as we enter a new age of resistance and revolution. The timing of new resistances and uprisings is unpredictable but their occurrence certain. Both mainstream political science and radical philosophy failed to predict this rebirth of history and have remained skeptical about the recent uprisings. The resistance movements are well ahead and offer an invaluable corrective to political theory. All major themes of political philosophy, including the theory and practice of resistance, need to be re-visited in light of recent experience. This talk examines the causes that led to the current socio-economic and political crisis and the types, strategies and forms of resistance that have emerged in the last three years, using Greece as an example. Greece faces a stark choice between accepting the catastrophic austerity imposed by the troika or continuing on the path of resistance which will lead the power system that brought the country to its knees to its natural and deserved end. The same choice faces Europe. The future of democracy and of the idea of Europe is currently played out in the place of birth of their birth.”

Costas Douzinas, 6th Subversive Festival


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